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Why outsource?

Quality guarantee

Access to safe, timely and effective diagnostic services is critical to providing the care that all professionals strive to deliver.   By being committed to making these services as easy as possible for your patients to access and bringing care directly to them, waiting times will be reduced and clients will be able to start their crucial treatments sooner.

Bespoke service

Our aim is to work together with you to provide streamlined healthcare services between our clients and their patients. For example, our paramedics can act as the eyes and ears of the GP, or consultant, in the patient’s own environment, by visiting the patient to provide vital observations, blood tests, or scans, working with you for as long as is required. We provide health assessments in London, Hertfordshire and throughout the Home Counties.

Reliable and responsive

Your skill is the clinical side of your practice, guiding patients on to the next stages of better health and comfort.  With our services, patients won’t have to travel to a variety of locations for different tests, making it easier to provide a coordinated and comprehensive service.  An ideal option for busy, corporate patients and the less mobile.

Access on-site medical services where and when you need it

Using our services can facilitate excellent continuity of care, which is safe, effective and of the highest clinical standards. Whether you need first aid event cover for an event in Enfield, employee blood tests in Lewisham, or an ECG test in Chelsea, or anything in between – we can help.
Wherever you are, we are trusted providers of quality health assessments, first aid courses and cover, for your business.
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