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About Us

 Founded in 2018
Good Egg Medical was founded in 2018 by Saul Gaunt, an advanced paramedic practitioner, later joined by fellow paramedics, Eli Rotenberg and Alex Green. When Covid 19 hit, the team responded by organising fast, efficient diagnostic testing, helping companies and individuals navigate this challenging time.

Providing home (and business health assessments), medical outsourcing services for professionals and first aid training in London, Hertfordshire and the Home Counties.
Good Egg Medical
As paramedics, they have always been passionate about passing on skills for medical emergencies, but the pandemic underscored the importance of this and they sought to elevate the services they offered. A grateful client described Saul as a "good egg", for the excellent care he provided and in 2021, when the company expanded, the name stayed.
Our services
Our services provide on-site first aid training and health checks to both individuals and organisations, throughout  London and the home counties. We have now expanded have expanded  to offer secure, outsourced diagnostic and monitoring medical services for professionals. The Good Egg Medical team pride themselves on their core values; offering high levels of personal engagement, trust and reliability, which can be fully adapted to your needs.
Why use Good Egg Medical?
Accelerate patient treatment with fast turnaround test results
On demand clinical services throughout London and the home counties
Regulated by the Quality Care Commission
Hassle free, private and confidential
24/7 care and remote monitoring
Excellent customer satisfaction
Paramedic cover service 

Let us make access to better health easier

Positive & proactive control over your health and wellbeing and that of your employees, colleagues, or patients, leads to better outcomes and quality of life.  Take steps to make that happen.

First aid event cover for an event in London, employee blood tests in Hertford, first aid training or anything in between – we can help.
We are trusted providers of outsourced, fully mobile, high quality, diagnostic and monitoring services, tailored to the requirements of busy healthcare professionals. 
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