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Why do first aid training with us?

Professional expertise
To acquire essential emergency skills, a wise investment is to learn from the best. Our trainers are advanced paramedics working in the field, with first hand experience.
Personal service
Doing the course most suited to your needs saves time and money. Our easy booking schedule can guide you to the right path.
Accredited courses
Our courses meet the standards set by the relevant authorities and are fully regulated by official examination bodies, offering recognised qualifications.

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, there are an increasingly wide range of first aid courses that can be offered.  Some specialise in specific activities, others target risks such as administering oxygen. Let us know your requirements and we will see if we can help.

All of our accredited, certificate courses are formally assessed.  If you fail the assessments, you will have one opportunity to retake.  If you fail a second time, you will need to book and sit the course again, giving you two more opportunities to retake.  The courses can be technical but generally are not considered difficult.

Our courses can be held anywhere across London.  Please consult the calendar to locate upcoming courses and if you can’t find what you are looking for, fill in the enquiry form for further guidance.

We are passionate about empowering individuals with the skills needed to respond confidently and effectively to a medical emergency.  Our team of trainers are all qualified and practising paramedics and can deliver exceptional training which exceeds industry standards.

It will depend on a number of factors, such as whether you are looking for a course for work, or personal reasons and whether you are looking to be skilled in particular groups.  Budget and time may also be a factor.  If you are unsure, fill in our enquiry form to let us know your criteria and we can guide you to the next steps.

In the UK, a first aid certificate will usually be valid for three years from the date of issue.  You can renew it by doing the same course again.  Annual refresher courses are also recommended to keep up your skills.

All of our courses offered are accredited to official examination bodies and meet the standards and criteria to pass their requirements.  We can advise on which course meets your employers requirements.

It is true that First Aid training saves lives and that is the priority, but it can be more than that. Giving appropriate first aid can reduce a person’s recovery time and make the difference between them having a temporary, or permanent disability.  The benefits to you are great as well - you will learn to remain calm in an emergency situation and be able to stabilise a patient, until emergency services arrive.

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Knowing first aid is a vital skill to have

It could be a case of saving a life, or helping a child in pain and it is never too late to learn.
Wherever you are, we are trusted providers of quality health assessments and first aid courses.
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